Time to ride your dreams- stop motion.

This is a video with my buddy, Corey. He really helped me a lot to do this stop motion video, a major project for my computer class at RCC this Fall semester. The… Continue reading

Soccer Photography

Our sports photography assignment last week was soccer, and folks, I’d never been to a soccer game before.  My brother had played some, and I knew some players in high school, but I’d… Continue reading

burn the Midnight pixels

Available Time… it’s one of the keys to getting things done.  In our photography classes at Randolph Community College, available time is in scarce supply.  That’s because you have classes at different times,… Continue reading

Master of light

    When you see a movie, professional portrait, commercial images, what-have-you, the pix are shot using a variety of lighting gear.  This includes lights, gobos, flags, scrims, and a variety of other materials… Continue reading

Down on the Farm

         One of the tasks that we’ve been learning in our 2nd    year classes is really a continuation of last years course on computer editing.  This includes Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.   Both… Continue reading

Round and Round

Round and Round.  I was doing that this past Thursday at the fair in Greensboro.  It was your classic fair, with food, games and the like, but my attention was drawn to the… Continue reading

9/11 remembrance

It was last week that we bowed our heads for a moment to remember 9/11… that event touched us all in some way.  And even if we didn’t know any of the victims… Continue reading


When you go to see live music, as I did on assignment last week, lots of times people really don’t understand what they are seeing.  You are being entertained by one or more… Continue reading


    It’s a rite of passage for a young lady in the Latin community… Quinceañera!  For a 14 year old girl, she will plan, sometimes for a whole year, the events of the… Continue reading

Color Filters

The simple addition of a color filter can make such an incredible difference.   I went to the beach and took this photograph, early in the morning.  By itself, it was a image… Continue reading